PIEK offers the possibility of acquiring an IPC Certification in several subject areas. We offer the full range of IPC training programs. IPC Certification is an important aspect for your company. IPC develops standards for electronic assemblies in cooperation with professionals from the industry. All over the world these standards are accepted for use in the industry. PIEK is an internationally operating authorised IPC educational centre. All trainers of PIEK are qualified and are IPC Certified Master Instructors. When your employees acquire the IPC Certification they have proven knowledge to the standards used within your industry. They also learn how to apply these standards in practical situations.

Make sure the IPC Certification is up-to-date

Once you or your employees have acquired an IPC Certification, it is important to know that this is not valid for a lifetime. It is of major importance to keep the certificate up-to-date and make sure that you and your employees have the latest knowledge on standards used in your industry. We make use of the actual techniques and methods to teach you and your employees and help you acquire IPC Certification. Check out our training schedule and register yourself for a training program. If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to ask us and contact us.